Everyday Jigsaw

Everyday Jigsaw 2.0

Everyday Jigsaw allows you to solve and create jigsaw puzzles

Everyday Jigsaw is an entertaining application that lets you solve jigsaw puzzles. The best thing about this application is its flexibility and customization possibilities: it lets you create your own puzzles, from any images you want, of any number of pieces you prefer. In fact, you can customize not only the number of pieces, but also their shape/type, therefore thoroughly controlling how difficult the final, output puzzle will be.

If you’re not interested in using this tool to create your own puzzles and you just want to solve puzzles, Everyday Jigsaw is still good for you. It provides you with numerous jigsaw puzzles, many enough so that you could solve one every day of the year, hence its name. Anyway, please note that in order to download additional photographs for being used for the puzzles, you will have to purchase subscription codes in some cases.

Cutting long story short, Everyday Jigsaw is a great choice for anyone that likes to solve jigsaw puzzles as a pastime activity. It also can be used for free, so it also gets my recommendation.

Margie Smeer
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  • Can be used for free
  • Lets you create your own jigsaw puzzles from any BMP, JPG amd PNG images
  • Lets you customize various aspects of the puzzles to be solved


  • Some content can be downloaded only after completing paid subscriptions
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