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Everyday Puzzle offers a daily puzzle to complete for the 365 days of the year
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Everyday Puzzle offers a daily jigsaw puzzle to complete, for every of the 365 days of the year. This application provides dozens of beautiful and good-quality pictures, with landscapes, people, sports events, animals, flowers etc. for you to exercise your mind and have a nice time at leisure hours.

To access the puzzles, you have to install a software client which is totally free to download. Once installed, there are different types of puzzles to complete, arranged into tabs. In My Puzzles tab, you are going to find photos offered for free (which you can complete as they are, modify some of its features or send by email), the ones already completed, plus the ones created with your photographs. Treasury and Calendar tabs, in turn, offer a huge collection of attractive photographs with different themes, but here you have to pay for a subscription code to use any of these.

There are several options to create a puzzle; after selecting the number of pieces, which may be anything from 20 to about 700, you can also set other parameters. For example, pieces can be cut into many shapes, modifying their curvature and size to suit different levels of skill, which is really cool because there will always be a puzzle for everyone.

A very interesting feature allows you to create puzzles from your own photographs and images: the graphic formats supported are .jpeg, .bmp, and .png. In conclusion, leaving aside the need for registration to the most interesting photos, the fact that we can create unlimited puzzles with any picture makes Everyday Puzzle a good alternative for puzzle fans.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Possibility of creating our own puzzles


  • Most interesting puzzles require a subscription
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